Our Facility

Iron Culture’s 7500 square feet of newly renovated, open plan warehouse space has a tough industrial feel and a hardcore training vibe that you will love. We have filled our space with the very newest and best equipment available—80% of our equipment are the latest designs from Arsenal Strength, along with premier pieces from Hammer Strength and Rogue. We have handpicked a wide selection of plate-loaded iso- lateral machines, pin-selectorized and free weight equipment, along with a full complement of functional training gear. Our cardio mezzanine overlooks the main weight room floor and features a full range of stair masters, stationary bikes, ellipticals, rowing machines and more. And we also feature a complete line of supplements, proteins, clean meals and pre- and post-workout drinks to help fuel your gains. We have spared no expense to ensure that, whatever your fitness goals or experience level, you will crush it at Iron Culture and transform your body, spirit and life.