Book An Appointment

*Appointment bookings may be booked for a 7-day period within the calendar. Members may book one (1) time slot per day and up to seven (7) slots per week.

**Recurring appointments may be booked at the time of initial bookings within the 7-day period.

***Appointments booked must be cancelled 24 hours prior to the booking date and time.

To view or change your existing appointments, you must login.

How To Book Your Appointment

(1) Under “workout time” choose either a 60 minute workout or a 90 minute workout. Then press “Continue”.

(2) The calendar will show available dates. Choose your preferred date. Available times for that day will appear. Choose the time you’d like to come in. Note: you’re able to book multiple times by choosing “Repeat This Appointment” (click the “on” button to activate recurring bookings).  Then, click “Continue”.

(3) Fill out the form with your name, email address and phone number.

(4) You’ll receive an email confirming your appointment.

(5) If you’d like to cancel, change or view your appointments, you’ll need to log in. If this is the first time you’re booking an appointment, you’ll need to create a password. Under the sign in area on this page, click “Forgot Password” , enter your email address and press “Send”. A link will be emailed to you to set your password.

(6) To edit your appointments, click the pencil icon next to the appointment.